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broke 2 booked out

Broke 2 Booked Out is a sales & marketing program for Wedding Photographers that want to take the guesswork out of getting consistent inquiries, and learn how to make predictable, stable income, so they can focus on their real life. 

Broke 2 Booked Out


It’s time to go from
Broke 2 Booked Out.

B2B will help you  get consistent inquiries, create predictable income, and  book your next 10 weddings with ease. All so you can reach your big life goals. 

It all starts with knowing what you want out of LIFE. 
Then, how can we use your Photography business to get you there. 
With freedom of time, freedom of money & freedom of schedule as the result. 


You feel like your followers mainly consist of other photographers, when you know what you really need is to reach higher end couples who love your work

You’re ready to move past the ‘friends and family’ clientele and be taken seriously in your market. (No more being tagged on “affordable photographer” posts)


I get it, you're tired of spinning on the hamster wheel. Tired of trying everything your told will work- without seeing any results. 
There has to be a way to get a consistent stream of qualified inquiries, without being burned out or giving up in the process.

In Broke 2 Booked Out, we first set your goals based on what you really want out of life. Whether you want to shoot 12 weddings a year, or 30+ we figure out an income goal based on your real life goals. 

Then, I teach you how to meet those goals with a 3 step booking strategy. 

Does this sound familiar?

My mission is to help  talented photographers start making PROFIT from their art.

My mission is to help Photographers book out their business so they can have more time and money to spend on what truly matters. 


You want a strategy to get consistent inquiries- not sitting around waiting for them to come

Getting a random inquiry is nice, but knowing exactly what you need to do to continue to get more? Even nicer. Getting consistent inquiries isn't something that haphazardly happens to B2B members, we attract them consistently. 


You want to work with couples who align with you and stop taking on any and every shoot just for money.

As you started growing your portfolio you did what you had to do, but now it’s time to start shooting weddings that light your soul on fire with couples that are EAGER to pay you.


You want to feel so confident in your income so you can leave your job and support yourself and your family without stress.

Let’s stop romanticizing the starving artist, it’s time to get paid for the work you do and the life you want to live. Owning a business means you don’t get classic “benefits” (this stops a lot of people from going all in.) You deserve to make so much money, you’re not stressed that you can pay the bills AND have flexible income.


You want the confidence knowing you have support at every turn in your business.that means you can stop venting to your mom. 

Your Mom sounds nice and all, but once you join the Broke 2 Booked Out Community- we will be there to support you along the way. With weekly live coaching calls, you can have confidence in your business decisions, and support when you don't know what to do. 

So, what do you really want?

Broke 2 Booked Out is the hidden gem you didn't know you needed, until now. 

Trainings are 20 minutes or less and easy to digest. You won’t have to set hours aside to invest. Think podcast style, learn as you go. The easier they are to consume, the easier they will be to implement. 

They don’t require MORE money to implement. Each module teaches you how to use what you have in order to create the results you desire. You don’t need further investment, you just need to know how to change what you’re currently doing, to what you should be doing. 

You don’t have to complete the course in order to see results. One video could give you a COMPLETELY different outlook, and change everything. That could be the difference between another bookings, or another client who goes a different direction. 

Building a balanced business has never been more attainable. 


Broke 2 Booked Out gives you exactly what you need, to get where you want to be. 

Here is what's inside B2B

Getting Inquiries

First, you learn how to increase the amount of inquiries you're getting.

We breakdown the strategy of being visible by your ideal client on Instagram, and how to get them to inquire. You're left knowing exactly what you need to post for content, and how to connect with your client.

Now we focus on website. In this extensive module we break down each page that your site should have, including examples of what it takes to build a converting website. 

Then it's networking + referrals. I teach you how to reach out to your local market, build relationships, and gain bookings from referrals.

STEP 2: 
Client Consults

Most people think they aren't getting enough inquiries, and THAT is the reason they aren't getting booked. 

More often than not, it's the skill of SALES they need to master. They need to learn how to book the inquiries they DO get. 

This module focuses on how to be good at sales without feeling 'salesy'. After adding these tools to your skillset, it will feel natural to both you, and your client. 
Base your calls loosely off a script I provide, but the real magic lies in discerning your clients needs. 
End this module being 1000% confident in getting clients to hop on the initial call, and getting them to fall in love. 

Pricing + Proposals 

Now that we have inquiries coming in and falling in love with your work and process, it's time to seal the deal. 
This module breaks down how to discern your (CODB) or Cost of Doing Business in order to know how much to charge PER wedding in order to pay yourself the desired amount. 

We go into knowing how and when to raise your pricing, how to deliver your pricing via a proposal, and what to include in those packages. 
This module is the KEY secret to charging more- and being able to continue to raise your prices incrementally. This module is gold. 

Slack Community + Weekly Live Coaching

Not everyone has a support system in business. But even if you do, entrepreneurship is more fun with friends! 

The Broke 2 Booked Out Community is a safe space where we learn and grow together.

Weekly LIVE coaching calls give everyone the opportunity to be coached on what the're going through that week, or to review materials that they're working on. 

(ie. proposals, pricing, website pages, conversations with clients) 

To go fast? Go alone. To go far? Go together. We want you to build a business that LASTS. A strong community will help you as you go full time, and go on to build a profitable, six figure business.

There's a seat just for you.

I'm going to sweeten the Deal

10 Day inquiry challenge

With Savannah

get enrolled in the:

Join by October 21st 

The hype is real, and so are the results.

"We were able to grow and book more couples in our first year of business so much so it became our full time job."

Jacob & Amanda

"If you're wondering if it’s worth the investment. Go for it. It's 100% worth it. You will not regret it."



"Broke to Booked out is the only reason I have the clients that I do."

"Photography was my side hustle. I wanted to go full time but didn't have a plan. B2B set the foundation for me."


Savannah is amazing. We have benefited  in getting allot more business than we thought we would get."

Tim & Ebony


"Even though the pandemic hit, I made more money in 2020 than in there previous years thanks to B2B."

Are you ready to go all in?

If you just said "YES" then you are ready to...



learn the sales psych + skills to get clients to book consistently

BOOK your next 10 WEDDINGS, easier than ever

How many weddings do you need to book in order to pay off B2B?

In case we haven't met.

I'm Savannah.
A Photography Sales & Business Expert.

I built a profitable wedding team & photography studio from the ground up, but six years ago, I was a new wife & mother just getting started with photography. 

The reality was, I needed more free time & I needed more money - just like you. I didn't want to work a 9-5 so I knew it was time to give this a real shot. 

I was absolutely committed to learning exactly how to increase my rates and bookings. Through this effort, I went from $30,000 to $130,000 in one year.

My mission is to help more Photographers create the life they've always wanted by building a business that gives them more time, and more freedom. And that starts? With getting booked out. 

I'm gonna let you in  on a secret.

What’s standing between you and success,  is the decision to give yourself a chance.
(And be guided by someone who has been there).

Amen to that, I'm ready

Look at these #wins!

They are crushing it, thanks to B2B!

A recap of the tangible products you get when enrolling in B2B

(Did we mention you get lifelong access?)

a 3 step educational course that gets you booking

20+ easy to digest training videos that gets you results

weekly group coaching for ongoing support

a private slack group  for support + community


the confidence + support needed to go full time 

This is a one stop shop for wedding photographers.

You'll see results immediately.

tangible results

More inquiries in your inbox + DM's
More booked clients on your calendar 
Higher projected income from bookings
A growing bank account from profitable packages

Intangible results

The clarity needed to use social media effectively 
Effective sales skills to nail client consults
A newfound confidence to charge more than ever
The peace that comes with financial stability

This is your chance. 

Broke 2 Booked Out  will close for enrollment  October  21st!  

Most Flexible


4 payments of

I'm ready for this now

Best Value


1 payment of

Yes, This is what I need

You've got questions, I've got answers.

Is Broke 2 Booked Out for beginning or advanced photographers?

B2B is for the Photographer who has a business, but still needs solid business strategy and isn’t booking the way they want to. We’ve had students in their second year of business and students in their fifth year and beyond.  If you’re feeling insecure in your sales and bookings, this is for you. 

What’s the format?

This is a self-paced course, with easy to digest training videos in each step.  Weekly LIVE coaching calls with me are made available so you can have the support and community to facilitate your businesses transformation. 

What’s included?

3 in -depth modules with over  20+ videos of sales + marketing trainings from Savannah as well as worksheets, done for you client conversation scripts. In addition to the training program itself, you get weekly coaching from Savannah and a Private FB community for support. 

How much time should I carve out to make this happen?

You can binge the entire course in a day or two, or spread out the material to do a few hours a week as you can. No matter what you decide, you don't have to complete everything to begin seeing results. The course is no fluff, so I've only included what you NEED to book the weddings you desire. 

I’m dying for a solid business strategy. Will this be a good fit if I’m a family or portrait photographer?

Yes! Much of this course speaks to wedding photographers specifically but all of it applies to photographers and wedding service providers in general. Anyone in the wedding or photography industry will find huge benefits in these trainings

Does this cover how to shoot, edit, and the artistic side of photography?

Nope, this is strictly business, baby. I believe you got the skill, now you just need to sell. 

"Broke 2 Booked Out was the biggest game changer for me. Looking back, I honestly had NO IDEA what I was doing. B2B taught me how to respond to inquiries in a way that helped potential couples feel as if they were talking to a trusted friend. 

implementing what this course has taught me, my bookings and confidence increased so much that I was able to leave my part-time job and go FULL TIME with my Photography business! "

Megan Getz

"I invested in B2B in the middle of a global pandemic, and still have seen my most successful year yet."

Alayna P

After B2B I've been able to find my ideal clients. 
Hands down, this is the best investment I've ever made in my business, and I"m so happy for what's to come this year. 

I invested in B2B in the middle of a global pandemic, and still have seen my most successful year yet. I'm so excited to see everything that's to come and how my business grows. It's absolutely worth every bit of money and time I've put into it!

"If you're looking to make a huge change in your business, this is the course you want to invest in! Your future self WILL thank you."

Rest assured.
I got your back.

I am not just giving you a course and expecting you to figure it out. You’re going to have bi-weekly, live coaching with me and a like-minded community that wants to see you win.

Broke 2 Booked Out is the ONLY investment you need to get you booked out.

JOIN THE B2B Program