It all started with deciding I wanted to spend time with my husband everyday.  

We had seen relationships fall apart from leading completely different lives from each other, and we knew that's not what we wanted out of life. After seeing a hubby + wife duo on Instagram, we ventured into Photography with that goal in mind. 

Soon I realized that the love of my job wasn't from Photography itself, but rather from building and owning my own business. 

Paired with my love of teaching, I knew educating others on building a profitable business was not only something I was good at, but it was something I truly enjoyed. 

After hitting 6 figures my second year in, I continued to scale my Photography Business to the point where I was working a few hours each week- while my business ran on autopilot. 

Now, I help Photographers build sustainable, balanced businesses so they can afford the life they want, while being able to focus on the things that bring them true joy. 

straight facts

My goal is to spend as much time doing whatever I want, wherever I want, with whoever I want. 

Freedom of time, freedom of location, and freedom of resources is the goal for me. I'm not after being 'rich' I'm after not having to spend everyday leaving my boys to go work a 9-5. I'm not after fame- I just want every Creative to know there is someone who can help them reach their goals.  I believe this freedom is what can foster true peace. Not things.

What I'm 


The Gluten Free Spinach ravioli from Aldi has to be top on the list. Coming in close second, I'm really loving my  stay-at-home Mom life with my hubby and 2 rambunctious little boys.

What I'm 


How to coach myself and manage my own brain. I'm learning how important it is to think intentional thoughts that foster positive emotions, which cause actions that yield intended results. Self-coaching is a science I'm exploring everyday. 

What I'm 

not about

I'm not about gate-keeping. All the things that bring true joy and peace in my life I'm under requirement to share that with others. Whatever I can do to uplift those around me, you'll find me doing. 

what I


I believe that happiness does not result from the things we possess, but rather a close relationship with our heavenly father. I strive to build a life that gives me the freedom of time and resources to serve him to the greatest extent, without hindrance. 


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my boys

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your thoughts
    thaT                 actions  that              
your reality   




— brooke castillo

Private coaching & group programs

Whether you learn best 1:1 or you want to join a community, one of my programs will help you reach your goals.

Hop on a call with me, and find out exactly what you need, to get where you want to be. 

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